Violet Spinning Apple

women's studies 2006 assignments

Team 1 final report
team 2 final report
team 3 final report
team 4 final report
team 5 final report
team 6 final paper
team 7 final report
syllabus for Women's Studies International 2009
questions for interview
consent letter for interviewees
how to have a chat online
PLA techniques (genograms etc)
message on writing from Margaret Atwood

CEDAW and Violence against Women
CEDAW and policy to address violence against women
1.  Find the UN site on CEDAW  or you can find another site by googling.  click here for a good one from Australia.
2. open a page on your individual site and call it CEDAW
3. Explain what CEDAW is
what is it supposed to do?
who has signed it? then click on CEDAW
4.  identify one issue regarding violence against women.
Discuss what the issue is, why you chose it, what country you are talking about, and what is being done to address it.  (Be very specific)
5.  Answer the following question: do you think that international agreements about protecting women's rights like CEDAW can be useful for stopping violence against women?

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