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go to the United Nations women's issues site Women Watch


1. go to the page in their site

click on the box on the right that says "Fourth World Congress" This is the meeting that took place in 1995 in Beijing. 

in 150 words describe what the Beijing meetings were. 


2. on this same page scroll down and look at the description of "Gender Mainstreaming" In your own words explain what gender mainstreaming is in 150 words.  Think of an example to help illustrate your definition.


3. now go back to the main page at

click on the line on the left hand side of the page: "thematic issues and critical areas of concern" 


Your task is to write a brief introduction to the website and then to focus on some particular issue you think is important and describe what information is provided about that topic on the website. 


Write a 150 word introduction explaining what the women watch site is.

Write a 150 word report on what the site has to say about some issue you believe is especially important.



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