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Women in the World (WMST4050 & INTL 3000)
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WMST 4050 & INTL 3000

TR 9:30 -10:50

421 Fretwell

Look for the assignments beginning with Assignment 1 on the page entitled Assignments on the left hand side of this screen.

WMST/INTL will meet in 421 Fretwell on Tuesdays and 120 Fretwell on Thursdays.



Local Action/Global Change by Julie Mertus, Nancy Flowers and Mallika Dutt is available in the bookstore.


In-class writing assignments 200 points

14 components of a website submitted weekly 100 points (each week I will describe the assignment and post it on this website.  You can already see the first assignment below.)

Completed Website composed of the 14 components with revisions and presentation to class 200 points

Total 500 points

A=450+     B=400-449     C=350-399      D= 300-349 

 1  Introduction January 13

Assignment #1: create a home page at I will show how to do this in class on January 15 we will begin to meet in 421 Fretwell which is a computer lab.  If you want to get started ahead of time, that's fine.  Do not open an account that costs money.  You should open a free account.  Your home page should identify ONE country (any nation except the United States) that you would like to use for your case study this semester.  Surf around the net and see what countries are most interesting to you and have sufficient information to create the 12 pages for each of the topics we will cover. Your home page should have a map of the country you have chosen and a brief description of the country. You may also include other visuals on the home page (and the other pages) you create.   

Read: Chapter 1 Introductory exercises  pp. v - 18, 217-231


2 Global views on women's human rights January 22

Read: Chapter 2 Women's Human rights to equality and non-discrimination

3. Families January 27

Read: Chapter 3 women's human rights in the family  

 4 Health February 3

Read: Chapter 4 Women's human rights to health

 5. Reproduction and Sexuality February 10

Read: Chapter 5 Women's human rights to reproduction and sexuality

6. Girls February 19

Read: Chapter 6 The human rights of young women and girls

7. Violence February 26

Read: Chapter 7 Women's human right to freedom from violence

8. Politics March 4

Read: Chapter 8 Women's human rights in politics, public life and media

Spring Break March 8-13 no classes

9. Media March 16

10.Refugees March 23

Read: Chapter 9 Human rights of refugee, displaced and migrant women

11. Economy March 30

Read: Women's human rights in the economy

12. Work April 6

Read: Chapter 11 Women's human rights and work

13. Environment April 13

Read: Chapter 12 Women's human rights and the environment

14. Education April 20

Read: Women's human rights to education

April 27  & April 29 presentations of website to class

May 4 Last class

May 13 final exam day (no exam) all websites due.