Nande in Khayelitsha
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Nande, Beading, Painting and Refreshment
A 385 Zakhele Street
Khayelitsha 7784
South Africa

The Nande project started in the Manyanani Peace Park in Khaylitsha on the outskirts of Cape Town. Nande is a group of unemployed women who initially sought to train children in the arts in order to preserve our cultural heritage and provide them with alternatives to the crime ridden streets our neighborhood.  Later as Nande gained momentum we began to train adults in the arts in order to improve their jobs skills and to produce a product for sale to improve their economic situation. We named ourselves Nande Beading, Painting and Refreshment. 

      Nande began with no outside funding.  The women contributed beads or their own money to buy materials for our art.  We have continued to find funds from our families and neighbors.

     Nande is open to all mothers of Khaylitsha and the people who wish to support us.  We are dedicated to the capacity building and development of women in Khaylitsha. 

Khayelitsha is a suburb of Cape Town