Violet Spinning Apple

Sample Women's Studies Team Addresses

Team 1 final report
team 2 final report
team 3 final report
team 4 final report
team 5 final report
team 6 final paper
team 7 final report
syllabus for Women's Studies International 2009
questions for interview
consent letter for interviewees
how to have a chat online
PLA techniques (genograms etc)
message on writing from Margaret Atwood

Here are the sites for teams to work on their research projects 

sarah pharr
stephanie koch
debby olavarria
saya jenkins
simone hunter
michele wright
brittany king
lauren deloatch
pamela moore
brooke alaghbri
shelley miller
jessica rodriguez
micaela vega
valerie calderon

Jaime allen

krystal Johnson

Kristin Bowen

nikki nocerino

megan winters

jessica young

meredith magyar

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