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Family Internet Exercise #3

Team 1 final report
team 2 final report
team 3 final report
team 4 final report
team 5 final report
team 6 final paper
team 7 final report
syllabus for Women's Studies International 2009
questions for interview
consent letter for interviewees
how to have a chat online
PLA techniques (genograms etc)
message on writing from Margaret Atwood

Please bring a hard copy of this assignment to class on Tuesday November 27.  Or you can hand it into my mailbox in the Sociology Department later in the day on the 27th.  If you hand it in late it will be discounted 5 points per day.
Please do not send me your assignments as email attachments. 
This assignment asks you to reflect on the concept of the "motherhood mystique"
Step 1. Read the description of the motherhood mystique on page 313 and be sure you understand what the term mystique means. 
Step 2.  Find an image (from google or another site) or a video (from youtube or another video site) that depicts one of the characteristics of the motherhood mystique.
Step 3.  Write the web address of the image or video you found at the top of your paper.
Step 4. Write a 300 word essay that explains what the motherhood mystique is, in your own words.
and explain how the image or video illustrates the concept. 

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